I’m trying to create a horizontal week view calendar with infinite scroll in react

I want to create a horizontal week view calendar that will be infinite scrollable.
I was able to achieve it but the transition to next month is smooth where in the transition to previous month is instant and displays the 1st day of the previous month.

Please check the code here

Note: I don’t want to use any package / third party library.

PS: I tried finding the solution but couldn’t

I am trying to use webdriver in the selenium module but I keep getting an error no matter what I’m doing

As stated, I am trying to use webdriver.Chrome in this sample project I’m doing but I am completely lost on what to do. This is the error I get error. But when I look at the version of chrome I installed, it seemed to match up. Chrome Version. Does anyone know what’s happening? Sorry if the post is too unspecific.