Excel: How to split a sentence in a cell into columns

I currently have a string of text in a single excel cell that looks like this:

Customer: xxxProject Name & Number:1247893Project Summary: in store
ice creamProjected Annual Value: USD$20,2323Customer’s Application /
Brand: bird brandProduct Code and Name: 23431348 CaramelValue
Proposition: Product quality and flexible supplySales Account Manager:

How do i split this string of continuous text into multiple columns in excel with an output that looks like this?

Customer Project Name & Number Project Summary Annual Value Customer’s Application/Brand Product Code and Name Value Proposition Sales Account Manager
xxx 1247893 in store ice cream USD$20,2323 bird brand 23431348 Caramel Product quality and flexible supply tommy

Ive tried using a code that looks something like this:

=MID(J3, SEARCH(":",J3) + 1, SEARCH(":",J3,SEARCH(":",J3)+1) - SEARCH(":",J3) - 22)

but its pretty manual as i have to type it multiple times