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button not drawing on the screen

i have a problem where the button and the background simply does not draw and i do not know why…. well i asked in a previous post but im asking again why the button is NOT drawing? import pygame pygame.init() screen = pygame.display.set_mode((3840,2160)) running = True mouse = pygame.mouse.get_pos() pygame.display.set_caption("GermanBall") bg = pygame.image.load(r"C:\Users\tomarj\OneDrive – Tata […]

Image Classification for Contura Intrution Detection H/W system

Currently there is a custom Intrution Detection H/w system called contura, The sytem triggers alerts when it detects activities in the premises, The alert system is configurable so as, signals it generates can be fed to custom H/w, Problem statement: Need to turn contura ON during day time with wise use of Image recognition,as of […]