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When enumerating a type’s interfaces how do I get only those that are directly inherited?

I’m not sure of the exact terminology here. Basically, if I have a model like: class Student : IDoSchool {} class Freshman : Student {} interface IDoSchool {} What code would tell me that Freshman doesn’t directly implement any interfaces and Student directly implements IDoSchool? In other words (disregarding bad terminology) I want something like […]

ASP.Net MVC View Architecture

Can the folders within the View have subfolders? if so, how does the Controller reach them? For example… I would like to have the following urls work correctly: Admin/Index Admin/Profile/Index Admin/Profile/Edit/1 Admin/Group/Index Admin/Group/Edit/1 So, would I create a folder for Profile and Group as a subfolder within Admin? I tried this and to map a […]