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Can I make a single Perl module act as multiple kinds of mod_perl handlers?

I’m writing a series of related mod_perl handlers for various login-related functions in Apache, so my Apache config file looks like this (for example) PerlAccessHandler MyApache::MyAccess PerlAuthenHandler MyApache::MyAuthen PerlAuthzHandler MyApache::MyAuthz Each of the modules (MyAccess, MyAuthen, MyAuthz) defines a sub handler() {} Which mod_perl calls at the relevant point in the processing of the request. […]

Spring – binding to an object rather than a String or primitive

Let’s say I have the following command object: class BreakfastSelectCommand{ List<Breakfast> possibleBreakfasts; Breakfast selectedBreakfast; } How can I have spring populate “selectedBreakfast” with a breakfast from the list? I was figuring I’d do something like this in my jsp: <form:radiobuttons items=”${possibleBreakfasts}” path=”selectedBreakfast” /> But this doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? thanks, -Morgan