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Julia Eror: ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching

When I try to compile this in Julia, I receive this error : closure2 ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching (::var"#closure2#3"{Vector{Float64}, Vector{Float64}})(::Tuple{Vector{Float64}, Vector{Float64}}) Closest candidates are: (::var"#closure2#3")(::Any, ::Any) at c:\Users\ABD\Downloads\df\GP (2).jl:150 function L_alpha_1d(w_train,k_train,theta, p) n0 = length(w_train); K_00_temp = [square_exp(x1,x2,theta,p) for x1 in k_train, x2 in k_train]; log_m_like = -1/2 *transpose(w_train) * pinv(K_00_temp) * w_train […]

Backdrop-filter not working for extended navbar

I’m trying to give blur and glass effect for Navbar, it’s working for top section navbar but for mobile navbar when clicked on menu icon drop-down the blur effect is not working enter image description here enter image description here This is the class I’ve added to the navbar .main-nav{ font-family: ‘Kizard’; font-size: 1rem; background-color: […]