Automatically import and update data from csv.gzip in csv

Working in a website that will host affiliate products. Every day the datasource file is updated. I’ve copied that data in another CSV to host on Woocommerce. Using WP Allimport and Easycsv I can automate any changes to that CSV to be reflected in Woocommerce accordingly.

The datasource file is a url with a csv.gzip download link. So right now I have to download it, unzip the csv file, and update the copied CSV for the changes to appear on Woocommerce.

Is there any way to automate that? Have the csv.gzip link be downloaded and unzipped to a csv every day for example?

I have little coding experience but hopefully someone has a solution.

Much appreciated,


Tried the =importdata from a url function on Google Sheets, but since it’s a csv.gzip file it has to be unzipped first. Can’t show the data from a csv.gzip directly in Google Sheets (to my knowledge)

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