Puzzled about the ASP.NET MVC DefaultControllerFactory.cs Implementation

While investigating implementing my own IControllerFactory I looked into the the default implementation DefaultControllerFactory and was surprised to see the RequestContext property being set in the CreateController(…) method, and then being referenced in the GetControllerInstance(…) and GetControllerType(…) methods. The reason for my surprise is that as the factory is instantiated at Application start-up that same […]

Getting an input value or JavaScript variable in ASP.NET MVC Ajax.ActionLink

I want to pass an input control value (say textbox1.value or a javascript variable) to a controller action method (as a parameter) without a form post (using Ajax.ActionLink). Please see the code below. Is it possible to assign something like new {name = textbox1.value} in Ajax.ActionLink. View <input type=”text” id=”textbox1″ /> <%= Ajax.ActionLink(“mylink”, “linkfunction”, new […]