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Blocking socket returns EAGAIN

One of my projects on Linux uses blocking sockets. Things happen very serially so non-blocking would just make things more complicated. Anyway, I am finding that often a recv() call is returning -1 with errno set to EAGAIN. The man page only really mentions this happening for non-blocking sockets, which makes sense. With non-blocking, the […]

Cannot retrieve output parameters from SQL Server stored procedure using PHP

I am executing a SQL Server stored procedure that is supposed to return an output parameter (ErrCode), as well as a resultset. I am calling the procedure from PHP using the following code, but so far have been unable to retrieve the output parameter: $stmt = mssql_init(“addFaculty”, $this->db); mssql_bind($stmt, “@FacultyID”, $FacultyID, SQLCHAR); …imagine other parameters […]