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I need a Python Function that will output a random string of 4 different characters when given the desired probabilites of the characters

For example, The function could be something like def RandABCD(n, .25, .34, .25, .25): Where n is the length of the string to be generated and the following numbers are the desired probabilities of A, B, C, D. I would imagine this is quite simple, however i am having trouble creating a working program. Any […]

Installing ipython with readline on the mac

I am using ipython on Mac OS 10.5 with python 2.5.1 (I would actually like to use ipython for 2.6.1, but it doesn’t seem to be available?) I installed ipython via easy_install. It works but is missing gnu readline (needed for nice searching of command line history with ctrl-R, etc.) I found a blog post […]