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ReportViewer “Missing URL parameter: Name”

In a web application I’m working on the ReportViewer keeps giving me a error “Missing URL parameter: Name”. I have found the cause but not a solution. The url that is causing the exception from the report viewer Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd?ReportSession=3bkunv2wte3wmnabkquyr1y0&ControlID=1e2b5870e07b46abac7fd32a9e0e4b9d&Culture=1033&UICulture=1033&ReportStack=1&OpType=ReportArea&Controller=ctl00_ASPxRoundPanel3_PageContent_Wizard1_ReportViewer1&PageNumber=1&ZoomMode=Percent&ZoomPct=100&ReloadDocMap=true&SearchStartPage=0&LinkTarget=_top if you notice in the query string instead of “&name=” for some reason it becomes “&amp […]

Slow Startup of SQL Reporting Services 2008 in Native Mode

We are experiencing a slow start up time on the first report request of the day, or when there have been no report requests for an unknown period of time. In SQL Reporting Server 2005 installations we would set up the App Pool to avoid recycling the Reporting Services applications. However, my client installed SQL […]