getting filename of font used while iterating runs while using python-docx

I’m looking for a way to get the direct filename of the font used in a run through python-docx.

My goal is to make a script that pulls text from a docx file and dynamically draws it on an image using pillow, and python-docx modules. The hope is, with a script that can pull specific font files from the docx file itself, I can easily be able to replicate bold / italic / bold and italic font without too much hassle.

Currently I can iterate through the runs of a docx file super easily, but am having issues figuring out a good scripting method for determining which exact font file to use when given the value.

What I currently have is below:

import docx

doc = docx.document('/path/to/file')

for paragraph in doc.paragraphs:

    for word in paragraph.runs:

        print('word_name: ' +

>> word_name: Calibri

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