Is there a better way of filling a generic List from a SQL DataAdapter?

I have an existing application that uses Active Record for its data retrieval. It’s in VB.NET (first time I’m doing VB.NET; I usually work in C#). And I’m building a method to return a List(Of T) of an object.

The current pattern uses a SQLDataAdapter to populate a datatable. I COULD add the record to the List(Of T) as I fill the datatable, but there HAS to be a better way to do this.

Any ideas? I’m not married to using SQLDataAdapter, if there’s a better way that avoids it…

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    As you’ve still not had any responses…

    I haven’t used Active Record myself, so I don’t know at what point that makes any kind of difference but it strikes me that reading into a DataTable and a List<T> is duplicating things somewhat.

    How about populating the List<T> from a SqlDataReader instead? As you move through the results using Read(), create a new object from the current row and add it to the list. If you need to do it for various different types, I’d write a generic method to do it, along the lines of:

    public static List<T> ToList<T>(this SqlDataReader reader,
        Func<SqlDataReader, T> rowConverter)
        List<T> ret = new List<T>();
        while (reader.Read())
        return ret;

    Then you can implement the converter with a lambda expression or anonymous method.

    Alternatively you could make the extension method target the command instead of the SqlDataReader – it could deal with calling ExecuteReader, converting every row and then disposing of the reader afterwards.

    (It’s a slightly odd signature because SqlDataReader represents both the iterator and the current row; just a quirk of the API.)

    I’m probably missing something deeper though – if this doesn’t help, could you explain why, perhaps as a question edit?


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