maven: enum ‘A’ is not exported from module ‘com.exemple’

Hello I’m making an app in java for my classes 🙂

I’ve chosen Maven for my project structure. I happen to have directories inside of my main module (so they are sub-modules if I’m right).

And I have some enums. Theses ones are not exported from the module according to IntelliJ :/

So I have something like this (simplified) :

    • enums
    • main

Inside of, I have this :

package com.example.main;

import com.example.enums.Enum1;

public class Storage {

    private final ObjectProperty<Enum1> value = new SimpleObjectProperty<>();

    // ...


If I run the application, everything works well but IntelliJ keep saying Class 'Enum1' is not exported from module 'com.example'.

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