NtQueryObject returns wrong insufficient required size via WOW64, why?

I am using the NT native API NtQueryObject()/ZwQueryObject() from user mode (and I am aware of the risks in general and I have written kernel mode drivers for Windows in the past in my professional capacity).

Generally when one uses the typical "query information" function (of which there are a few) the protocol is first to ask with a too small buffer to retrieve the required size with STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH, then allocate a buffer of said size and query again — this time using the buffer and previously returned size.

In order to get the list of object types (67 on my build) on the system I am doing just that:

ULONG Size = 0;
NTSTATUS Status = NtQueryObject(NULL, ObjectTypesInformation, &Size, sizeof(Size), &Size);

And in Size I get 8280 (WOW64) and 8968 (x64). I then proceed to allocate the buffer with calloc() and query again:

ULONG Size2 = 0;
BYTE* Buf = (BYTE*)::calloc(1, Size);
Status = NtQueryObject(NULL, ObjectTypesInformation, Buf, Size, &Size2);

NB: ObjectTypesInformation is 3. It isn’t declared in winternl.h, but Nebbett (as ObjectAllTypesInformation) and others describe it. Since I am not querying for a particular object’s traits but the system-wide list of object types, I pass NULL for the object handle.

Curiously on WOW64, i.e. 32-bit, the value in Size2 upon return from the second query is 16 Bytes (= 8296) bigger than the previously returned required size.

As far as alignment is concerned, I’d expect at most 8 Bytes for this sort of thing and indeed neither 8280 nor 8296 are at a 16 Byte alignment boundary, but on an 8 Byte one.

Certainly I can add some slack space on top of the returned required size (e.g. ALIGN_UP to the next 32 Byte alignment boundary), but this seems highly irregular to be honest. And I’d rather want to understand what’s going on than to implement a workaround that breaks, because I miss something crucial.

The practical issue for the code is that in Debug configurations it tells me there’s a corrupted heap somewhere, upon freeing Buf. Which suggests that NtQueryObject() was indeed writing these extra 16 Bytes beyond the buffer I provided.

Question: Any idea why it is doing that?

As usual for NT native API the sources of information are scarce. The x64 version of the exact same code returns the exact number of bytes required. So my thinking here is that WOW64 is the issue. A somewhat cursory look into wow64.dll with IDA didn’t reveal any immediate points for suspicion regarding what goes wrong in translating the results to 32-bit here.

PS: Windows 10 (10.0.19043, ntdll.dll "timestamp" 77755782)

PPS: this may be related: https://wj32.org/wp/2012/11/30/obquerytypeinfo-and-ntqueryobject-buffer-overrun-in-windows-8/ Tested it, by checking that OBJECT_TYPE_INFORMATION::TypeName.Length + sizeof(WCHAR) == OBJECT_TYPE_INFORMATION::TypeName.MaximumLength in all returned items, which was the case.

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