Compact Keyboard Recommendations?

Any recommendations for a high-quality compact (no number pad) keyboard, preferably $50 or less?


  • $50 or less
  • Preferably with laptop-style keys (scissor switches instead of rubber
    membranes ala cheap desktop
  • Quiet (I’m a Model-M kind of guy, but this isn’t a good environment
    for a noisy keyboard)
  • Don’t care too much about media keys, USB ports, etc

I like the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and have heard the Happy Hacking keyboards recommended by others, but they’re both a bit outside our budget.

There have been several questions about keyboards (check the “peripherals” tag) but none about compact keyboards as far as I can tell. Nobody demands more from their keyboards than programmers, so while it’s a somewhat subjective question, I figured this is the best place to ask.