HashMap initialization parameters (load / initialcapacity)

What values should I pass to create an efficient HashMap / HashMap based structures for N items?

In an ArrayList, the efficient number is N (N already assumes future grow). What should be the parameters for a HashMap? ((int)(N * 0.75d), 0.75d)? More? Less? What is the effect of changing the load factor?

Polymorphism – Define In Just Two Sentences

I’ve looked at other definitions and explanations and none of them satisfy me. I want to see if anybody can define polymorphism in at most two sentences without using any code or examples. I don’t want to hear ‘So you have a person/car/can opener…’ or how the word is derived (nobody is impressed that you know what poly and morph means). If you have a very good grasp of what polymorphism is and have a good command of English than you should be able to answer this question in a short, albeit dense, definition. If your definition accurately defines polymorphism but is so dense that it requires a couple of read overs, then that’s exactly what I am looking for.

Why only two sentences? Because a definition is short and intelligent. An explanation is long and contains examples and code. Look here for explanations (the answer on those pages are not satisfactory for my question):

Polymorphism vs Overriding vs Overloading
Try to describe polymorphism as easy as you can

Why am I asking this question ? Because I was asked the same question and I found I was unable to come up with a satisfactory definition (by my standards, which are pretty high). I want to see if any of the great minds on this site can do it.

If you really can’t make the two sentence requirement (it’s a difficult subject to define) then it’s fine if you go over. The idea is to have a definition that actually defines what polymorphism is and doesn’t explain what it does or how to use it (get the difference?).