How do I make an iPhone web app mimic a non-web app?

I’ve been considering making a quick little iPhone web app.

I started reading about and experimenting with the special meta tags and attributes documented at Apple’s Web Apps Dev Center:

  • viewport
  • apple-mobile-web-app-capable
  • apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style
  • -webkit-border-radius
  • -webkit-border-image
  • autocorrect
  • autocapitalize
  • apple-touch-icon
  • -webkit-text-size-adjust

This got me thinking that there must be a good guide I can follow to best mimic the default style and behavior of the device’s non-web applications.

I then stumbled upon the Joe Hewitt‘s iUI project.

It’s got two demos that are pretty impressive:

Are there alternative libraries, guides, or other resources I should use?

Accessing cell properties in iWork Numbers

I’m trying a access the complete reference for a cell in Applescript. So far I’ve managed to get the cell reference and the table reference using a script like:

tell application "Numbers"
tell document 1
repeat with i from 1 to count of sheets
tell sheet i
repeat with j from 1 to count of tables
tell table j
set currentCell to the first cell of the selection range
return name of currentCell
end try
end tell
end repeat
end tell
end repeat
end tell
end tell

I can’t seem to get the same structure to work for getting the sheet or the document reference. I have tried accessing the properties of the cell and I get something like:

{column:column "A" of table "Table 1" of sheet "Sheet 1" of document "Untitled" of
 application "Numbers", alignment:center, value:0.0, background color:{59111, 59111, 
59111}, text color:{0, 0, 0}, font size:10.0, vertical alignment:top, name:"A1",
 class:cell, font name:"HelveticaNeue", format:automatic, row:row "1" of table "Table
 1" of sheet "Sheet 1" of document "Untitled" of application "Numbers", text 

The column property of a cell therefore seems to include the complete reference but if I access the reference directly through the column property.
Can anyone give me some guidance as to how I get the sheet and document using applescript.