Get full quality 16 x 16 icon using Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon and ImageList

Following the directions at this question, I have some code running to extract icons from files and display them in a ListView set to details mode. I want to icons to display at 16 x 16, but when I have the ImageList size set to that the icons that come out look very weird (not sure how to describe it – see attached screenshot).

I’ve tried changing the size to 32 x 32 and they come out fine, but surely there must be a way to get good quality 16 x 16 icons mustn’t there?

Streaming files over the network with random access – java

So ive got a need to play music files from a server on the network, in a java client app.
I was thinking Sockets – have the server open a music file as a stream, and have the client connect to that and read & play it as an InputStream. Which would work – except AFAICS users wont be able to seek into the file(which they can currently for local Files), because I cant see how the Sockets stream can support that.

Any better ideas? Or a way to use the Sockets to seek?

JNI? I dont know enough about it to know if it would help.

The (totally lame) last resort is to use mapped network drives.