Why does contentEditable element reject the Enter key?

I’m using an application that embeds IE control to show content. I change that content to contain a <div contentEditable="True">Hello World</div> element. This works well and I can edit the content of this div, but pressing Enter is rejected with a beep.

When I add a textarea element to that page the Enter key works and I can add lines, but not in the contentEditable element.

When I attach event to that element I see that pressing the Enter key triggers a keyDown event, but not a keyPress.

Anyone has an idea what might cause it?


Is it possible to edit files during a Team Build?

I’m looking for a way to edit a configuration file (web.config in an asp.net project) in a Team Build.

Specifically I’m looking at either uncommenting or adding identiy impersonate in the config file before copying the built web application to its destination.

I know that it’s possible to have multiple config files and copy one over the other (we’re using this approach to have different configurations for development, production, demo, etc), but in this case it would be nice to keep the configuration in a single file since the only change here is whether or not identity impersonate should be false or true.

I’ve been googling for a while now without finding any solution to this, but maybe there are someone here which could either help me figure out how or simply state that it’s not possible. Any ideas?