How to change rows name to column name in dataframe using python?

i have two dataframe: df1: colname value gender M status business age 60 df2: colname value name Susan Place Africa gender F Is there a way i can concatenate these two dataframe in a way as the expected output? I tried outer join but it doesnot work, Thank you in advance. Note: No dataframes have […]

Getting Two String From One Whole String [closed]

$a=$this->config->text["text"]; $b=preg_match_all(‘#src="([^\s]+)"#’, $a, $matches); $c=implode(‘ ‘,$matches[1]); var_dump($c); $this->config->text='<img src="’.$c.’">’."</br>"; This is the code who is giving me the string after scr="In Between This",But for example i upload two image then it also giving me in one string "https://abc https://xyz", i am trying to get like "https://abc" "https://xyz".