Un-indentation in Netbeans

In netbeans, if I select some text and press Tab, it works correctly and the text is indented to the right side as expected.

But if I then try to backspace behind the text, it only removes one space at a time. Very annoying.

Is there any way to change this setting, so backspacing behind a tabbed line causes the whole tab to be removed and not just 1 space?

5 thoughts on “Un-indentation in Netbeans

  1. user

    I think your expectation is wrong. Please check your editor settings. Have a look at "Tools->Options->Editor->Formatting". When "Expand Tabs to Spaces" to checked, then pressing TAB will creates several spaces and you press BACKSPACE to remove such a "tab" then only one space will be removed.

  2. user

    Seems still no way at this moment. I agree with the OP that it's very annoying, even there is a Shift-Tab to do so. IMO, Backspace to Un-Indent (at a line's indentation area) is a MUST-have for convenience for programming style which uses spaces for indentation.

  3. user

    Its worth mentioning that ALT+SHIFT+UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT will indent left or right and also allow you to move the line(s) up or down. Its a pretty handy feature.


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